• All treated surfaces will retain their original appearance even when wet!
  • Up to 90% reduction in cleaning time and effort saving water and no need for aggressive chemical cleaners.
  • Long term protection up to 25 years.
  • Natural surface breathability of porous materials is not affected.
  • Undetectable, permanent, waterproof treatments which are inert and not affected by UV light.
  • Treatments contain no corrosive, hazardous or toxic substances.
  • Cost effective, simple and long lasting solution to previously insoluble problems of surface degradation and damage.
  • Improves thermal insulation values of all external porous surfaces.
  • Prevents expensive to repair freeze thaw damage to all external porous surfaces.
  • The right product for the right surface.

EcoGuard provides revolutionary nanotechnology based protection treatments for a range of surfaces both natural, such as stone and wood, but also glass, metal, ceramic and many others.
EcoGuard employs a consultative approach to ensure the very best and most appropriate products are provided to suit the required surface restoration and protection treatment. EcoGuard has acquired an enviable reputation as providers of quality products and a highly professional on-site service.
EcoGuard delivers these ground breaking products and services in an environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible way and helps to protect our Earth’s precious natural resources.

A Testimonial from

Peter Stewart, MD.

We have found to date that EcoGuard are providers of quality products and a professional on-site service. They have treated many stone types for us, all of which have performed as stated prior to application.


EcoGuard have expanded
Established as a leading expert in the use of Nanotechnology products to satisfy the demands of rugged Scottish materials, EcoGuard are now bringing their offerings across the border, and beginning a new campaign to tackle the harsh realities of stone degradation in the North of England and the Welsh hills. If we don’t get round to contacting you, then please contact us.

EcoGuard launch new website
In line with our new branding we have added a number of interesting facts, figures and especially interesting Videos to our website to demonstrate the level of commitment and knowledge we have in the industry. Please take a few minutes to have a tour round, then please contact us for more details on anything that grabs your interest....